We help restaurant owners gain access to new markets.

Quickmenus gives you access to a fully-translated, online and eye-catching QR code-based menu. Simply get in touch, send us your menus and we’ll take care of the rest.

Easy QR codes

With QR codes, customers from anywhere can scan and view your restaurant’s menu, without the need to reprint your menu. Decide which languages you want to have displayed and present the automatically-generated QR code to your customers.

Within the subscription period,you can make any additional changes to your menus at no extra charge. That means if you add new items to your menu, remove old items or edit current ones, we will provide an updated, translated version of your menu without any additional payment needed.

Why are QR codes important
In many parts of the world, QR codes have become a part of daily life. People have grown accustomed to using QR codes for everything from ordering food to mobile payments.

Print menus
Need something in print? We do that too! Our experienced design team can deliver stunning menus in print format, along with multiple languages if your restaurant needs them.

Need something customized?
We also do customized menu and signage design and translation, as well as custom webpages.

Send us a message anytime or reach out to us at [email protected]

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